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gretchen lee carletta
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Bio for Gretchen Lee Carletta
Gretchen Lee Carletta is the artist behind Orange Sky Creations. Ms. Carletta began her career as an artist and photographer at Alfred University’s School of Art & Design in 1995. She found herself motivated to work with pastels & draws inspiration from a variety of sources. Her technique eventually evolved into the improvisational style that comprises much of her work today.The most recent collections are abstract artworks in pastel - stream-of-consciousness paintings developed to elicit a sense of peace and joy. The artist’s creative process makes use of movement, vibrant color & energy that is both forward moving & positive.In 2018, inspired by her personal Yoga Practice, Gretchen expanded her artwork to become wearable in the form of Yoga Leggings & travel attire. Her pastel artwork is created with soft pastel on cotton papers & digitally processed to be printed on luxuriously soft fabrics that move with you throughout your workout & your day.  For the majority of Gretchen’s career she has chosen not to title her works, leaving the vision of her abstract work in the eye of the beholder. She doesn’t want to guide you to see something with a title. The Mantra Series titles allow for an obscure title that evokes a mood as opposed to a visually tangible place or object. She enjoys hearing what others see & feel when viewing her work.Sometimes the Sky is
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