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rich dellacosta


Not so happy trails

Clark and Jean in love

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the astronomy class


I am a retired media teacher and film/video producer currently living on the family
farm in Kendall, NY.  After Peace Corps service in India and Guatemala, I joined the Peace Corps
staff in Washington, DC, where I worked as a public affairs officer and media producer.  
While living there I produced three independent16mm films. 
They were, as best as I can
describe them, collage films:  avant-garde and expressionist in style. I have been making
collage art and assemblage art, box constructions and sculpture since my return to this
area in 1989.  I find that the use of found objects, junk and detritus lying around the farm in
Kendall and in the woods around me, very calming and fulfilling.  Since my retirement I have
had the time to devote myself to this work, have fun doing so, and visually reflect on the
state of my life and the world around me.       
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