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nancy radzik
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artist statement

scavenged thoughts….is the way to sum up my
collage/assemblage artworks, which are a blending of
scavenged materials and borrowed thoughts.
what is then created from that is meant as homage to all the
arts. objects paired with significant or memorable thoughts,
lines of poetry, bits of a song lyric, notable literary phrases or
simply a play on words.  elements coming together, presented in a new form.  thereby, something once expressed becoming relevant again.  to borrow a quote from the artist, asher durand, who expressed it perfectly, stating:  “the artist…will have seen more than the mere matter of fact, but no more that is there and that another may see if it is pointed out to him.”
i hope my works will point out something worth remembering
for the viewer.

thanks for observing,
nancy radzik
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