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pamela bradley
Artist Statement:

I was born and raised in the Rochester, New York, area.  After receiving a degree in art education from the NY State University College at Buffalo, I taught elementary school art for thirty-four years in western New York.  During that time, I receive a masters degree in weaving and textile design from Rochester Institute of Technology and a certificate from Graphic Careers in Rochester.  After many years as a water colorist and fiber artist, I began working with papers in a collage format. In retirement I have developed a body of work using papers and drawing and painting media.  Most of my work is abstract, non-representational in nature, inspired by the materials I have collected and use in my work.  Color, texture, and line play a large role in the pieces.  I also have produced a large collection of unique, custom greeting cards that incorporate many of the elements found in my framed art.

18-12 Growing Connections.jpg
16-13 Vortex in the Sea.jpg
Oct 23 01 Pam's studio, work area.jpg
18-23 Breaking Waves.jpg
19-31 Lake Michigan memories.jpg
"Assateague Island Dunes"        8 x 10 inches
"Inlet in Delaware"  8 x 10 inches
"Breaking Waves"  11"x14"
"Joy"    10"x14"
"Growing Connections"  11"x14"
Vortex in the Sea   8"x8"
Michigan Memories   24"x30"
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