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richard hart

I was born in Syracuse, New York in 1947 and have lived in the Brockport, New York area since 1968. I attended State University of New York at Brockport 1968-73, graduating with a degree in Social Science and was hired by the college in 1976 as an audio-visual technician retiring in 2005. I worked part time at the college repairing audio-visual equipment and assisting faculty with classroom technology for several years before retiring completely.


My interest in photography started in the 1960's with simple point and shoot film cameras, I purchased my first 35-mm camera while serving with the Air Force in Vietnam. My career at SUNY Brockport afforded me the opportunity to experiment with a variety of imaging processes and over the years have created images using B&W film, color film, slide film, high contrast film, large format view cameras, copiers, and transparency makers. Around 2005 I started using digital cameras and it changed everything about the whole process. I could shoot as much as I wanted without concern about costs, I could manipulate in a multitude of ways the images collected and print the result myself. The availability of high quality digital equipment (scanners, printers and computers, cameras) has allowed me to treat my accumulation of prints and slides and any new images as a resource for reprocessing with imaging software. For the last ten years or so I have shot almost daily while hiking with the dog.

Since retiring I've exhibited the results locally on my own and with the Brockport Artists Guild.

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